Almost done.

November 10th, 2009

Here’s that vise. It’s been disassembled, cleaned and repainted.


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I love Woonsocket .

October 11th, 2009

A long time ago there was ‘The Simplex Tool Company’ of Woonsocket Rhode Island.

I can’t find much about them, but they left a nice little bench vise. Actually it’s a 50 pounder which isn’t really big, but it’s bigger than your average ‘do it yourselfer’ vise.


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I guess I won’t repaint this.

September 19th, 2009

Latest bench vise saved…


The rust was really stubborn and getting it all off would have finished what little original paint was left.

I could repaint it but then I’d have a vise with chips, dents, drill holes, saw cuts and a brand new paint job. That just wouldn’t look right.


Anyway, it’s a Sears Craftsman vise that looks very similar to this vise by Reed Mfg co..

That’s because Reed was the original manufacturer.  I estimate the mfg time frame to be 1943 t0 1947.

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