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Wait a minute !!

November 15th, 2008

On Sunday I disassembled this 1936 Snap On ratchet, cleaned it,  put fresh grease inside and put it back together. Just after I started I thought about something that people may take for granted. Notice the two screws holding it together. The slot in one is plainly seen and the other is filled with oil […]

…because your screwdriver handles are breaking down. Most screwdriver handles are made of cellulose acetate. As this material ages, it breaks down and smells like vomit. It also develops a milky-colored haze that you can wipe away with your finger. Don’t bother though, it’ll just come back. Eventually, it cracks like safety glass. Here’s a bunch […]


July 6th, 2008

Below are some things that people use to open paint cans, scrape, pry and chisel. They’re called screwdrivers. Of all the types of vintage used tools one can acquire, screwdrivers are the most difficult to find in respectable condition. The top specimen is my favorite. It’s 18 inches long and was made a long time […]

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